My four month old nephew visits LA!

Hi friends!

The last two weeks were so amazing for me…I got to meet my 4 month old nephew Benjamin, and give him a tour of my favorite city! I wanted to share a few highlights…just because he is sooo darned cute!

benji angel

Angel baby Benjamin had to take advantage of Collette Miller’s famous angel murals ^^


This beauty right here is from our stop to Smorgasborg LA, which is fun market open every Sunday that hosts dozens of food trucks and pop-up shops. Benjamin tried his first taste of whipped cream and I know he will never be the same! 😉

benji donut face

LA has been SO hot lately, with temps over 109 degrees! That didn’t stop us from making a stop at the Pasadena Chalk Festival. The artists are so amazing..take a look at this amazing art! And if you are ever in the area, make a trip…it’s worth it!

One of my favorite outdoor venues in Los Angeles is the Malibu Cafe at Calamigos Ranch. I would compare it to being at an outdoor wedding reception..this place gives me all the feels! Country music gives the best laid back vibes, and there are photo-ops galore. There are picnic tables and paddle boats, plus lawn games and bbq. Make sure to try their frozen rose if you make it out there! Dee-fricken-lish!

kays and benji

I can’t wait to plan for my nephew’s next visit! There are so many beautiful places in LA to visit, and it’s even more amazing when you are able to share with family. ❤




Discovering San Fran

Hi lovelies!

I had an amazing weekend in SF and found it to be so much more than I had imagined. I guess I had this vision in my head of it being similar to my hometown, Seattle. While the weather reminded me of Seattle – cool and overcast, the city itself felt like I was transported to another country. It was eclectic and diverse, and the buzz of the city was an energy I fed off!

Being ultra touristy at the Cable Cars ^^


Union Square shopping


How beautiful is this mural in Chinatown?! Gorge!


Stopping to consult a higher power on the streets of Chinatown.


I love murals, and food.. combine the two and you have a winning combo in my book! We stopped by Media Noche for some amazing cuban empanadas. And snagged a pic of these flamingos. How cute right?


The sun came out in time for our Painted Ladies visit! We sipped rose and sang the full house theme song. Perfection!


A beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This trip was perfect, and I am already planning to head back soon.

I left my ❤ in San Francisco *sigh



Samples for San Francisco

Hey guys!
So I am getting ready for the long 3 day weekend and heading up to San Fran. I wanted to share with you my favorite beauty miniatures and see what some of your favorites are when you travel!

I am actually a minimalist when it comes to packing (that way I have more room for shopping lol) so I tend to pack sample size products that I have collected when I travel!

Who else has no shame when it comes to asking for samples?! *Hands up emoji
I actually refuse at this point to invest in a product without knowing for sure that it will work for me. So I absolutely ask for samples! And I would actually encourage you to ask your esthetician because truth is, we love giving away our secrets. And we would rather you sample than be disappointed in what we recommend. So don’t be shy – ask to try!

So here is what I’ve got so far in my bag! Warning: objects in picture are much smaller than they appear 😉


The only product here that is not a sample is the bumble and bumble pret-a-powder, an amazing dry shampoo..and one I never travel without! I featured it because the travel size is small but goes a long way and it’s only $12 at Sephora. Worth it!

I have been breaking out like crazy in the LA heat, especially along my hairline. So I am taking the PCA Skin acne gel to help with those annoying break outs. I also packed the Active Serum by Is Clinical and the Lytera 2.0 by Skinmedica. Both of these are mini treatments and help with my melasma and discoloration. I like to layer them under my SPF and alternate them in the evening.

And I looooove Skinceutials trial sizes you guys! They really give you a lot to try and the eye cream sample can last you a few weeks..long enough to see subtle changes! I love it under my concealer and at night obviously.

The last sample here is Latisse. I wore lash extensions for over a year and they completely destroyed my natural lash, so latisse has saved me. Allergan does promotions on their brilliant distinctions site where if you purchase a full size you get a sample free. The sample lasts about 8 weeks for me and I try not to miss a day, so this liquid gold is going with me!

Are you like me and leave behind your full size products when you travel? Which ones are your faves?

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!