#1 Summer Skincare Tip!

Summer Tip #1 Less Exfoliation! 

If you are anything like me, and are obsessed with scrubs…then you tend to get a little carried away. But it is imperative that during the summer months to decrease over-exfoliation, because too much of a good thing can cause adverse effects.

Over-scrubbing can can compromise your skins’ moisture barrier and the harsh rays of the sun during Summer months wreak havoc on your skin – leading to burns, pigmentation and sunspots.

So how much exfoliation is enough during summer months?

My recommendation is 1-3 times per week. Exfoliation does assist in shedding dull skin and build up, prevents clogged pores and improves better product absorption. If you notice redness, dry patches or irritation..then you may be exfoliating a bit too much.

My top gentle scrubs for Summer are:


PCA Skin Gentle Exfoliant
7 oz $31.00 USD



Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
2.6 oz $55 USD


Mario Badescu Botanical Exfoliating Scrub
3.4 oz $26 USD


Glo Skin Beauty Brightening Polish
$44 USD

What are your favorite exfoliators? Feel free to comment with your own Summer skincare tips and tricks!






I have a tendency to go a little overboard when it comes to my daily skincare routine, and I’m guilty of not taking my own advice when it comes to product useage, which is “sometimes less is more..”

Even though I know better than to pile it on..it’s hard to practice patience when it comes to wanting to see results. So what do I do? I go crazy three nights in a row by applying a strong retinol, followed by a kojic acid lightener, and topped off with a glycolic moisturizer. Typically, you would not want to mix this many active ingredients – but like so many of us, I just wanted to see the quickest results possible!

Go figure, I wake up this beautiful, sunny, Sunday morning in LA with a full blown skin reaction. All because I wasn’t patient enough to take my own advice!


Bad news is, my face was itchy, rashy and felt like it was pulsating. The 90 degree heat just aggravated it even more. Good news is, I knew how to alleviate the problem. PCA Skin has a product called apres peel which is a hydrator that has a .5% hydrocortizone in it. I applied this sweet smelling balm. It has apricot oil and chasteberry fruit extract, so not only is it soothing..it’s packed with antioxidants! Immediately I felt the burning sensation calm. I slathered on my SPF 50 and out to brunch I went.

Tonight I reapplied the balm and it felt like my skin completely soaked it in. I am a lot less red and itchy. I also mixed a hyaluronic moisturizer by Benev, (a little skincare cocktailing) and immediately felt plumper and less peely.


Obviously, I went a little crazy with the exfoliators thinking my skin could handle a more aggressive routine. Everything is trial and error when it comes to finding what works with your skin type. I’m not afraid of experimenting with products, but today was a good reminder for me that going overboard can almost make you miss brunch!but seriously, could cause more harm than good.