Beat the LA humidity with my hot weather skincare tips

Hey guys!

So I am a huge fan of the “dewy” skin look…but lately this LA humidity has me looking like I am forever in work-out mode! I know I’m not the only one feeling oilier and greasier, so I want to share some simple tips to a shine-free face.


If you haven’t already, switch to an oil-free gel cleanser. If your skin can tolerate it, look for one with salicylic acid which will help exfoliate and prevent breakouts. You can also invest a cleansing tool like the like the Clarisonic brush for deeper pore cleansing.


Lighten up on Moisturizers

Trade in your heavy creams for a lightweight moisturizer. I love Skinceuticals hydrating B5 Gel because it’s an oil free serum with hyaluronic acid, so your skin stays hydrated but not greasy.


Don’t skip SPF!

There are so many sunscreens on the market in literally every texture. During the humidity, I recommend switching to a mattifying formula. My favorite is Obaji’s Sun Shield SPF 50. It is a zinc based non-whitening formula and even comes in a tinted option, which I am currently obsessed with!!


Get low-key chill on your makeup routine

I know we are all equally obsessed with contour and highlighter, but sweat and oil production combined with heavy makeup can lead to a literal melt down. Keep things light, and use a tinted moisturizer or BB cream like Smashboxes Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35,  my go-to since it first came out. Also, avoid anything with glitter or sparkles – which can make your skin look sweatier and extra shiny!

Stock your fridge – with sheet masks!

Lately I have noticed tiny broken capillaries, and just overall redness – so I stocked up on a ton of Korean sheet masks packed with peptides, aloe and hyaluronic acid. I keep them in my fridge and apply them 3-4 times a week for a calming facial treatment. They feel amazing, and the more frequently I use them, the better my skin feels.


I did a series of 3 sheet masks last week and lightweight makeup resulting in a #nofilterneeded selfie 😉

sg selfie

I will be sharing more tips for beating the humidity on next weeks blog for those who are looking for more aggressive treatments. Until then, what changes have you seen in your skin with all this humidity? What changes do you make during the summer to your skincare routine? I’d love to hear your tips!

Stay cool…like a cucumber loves!



Moon Juice Supplements – What’s up with all the hype?

“Moon Juice represents a holistic lifestyle…It’s a healing force, an etheric potion, a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness and longevity.”

Ok, totally mesmerized by the description.

But what is it??

I had been seeing Moon Juice all over and was super curious – so I was thrilled when I received their Dream Dust in a gift box from a friend.

Dream Dust is one of Moon Juice’s herbal supplements that assists with sleep.

I brewed some Lemon ginger tea and added a teaspoon of Dust. ✨ There was little taste difference, but it did turn my tea into a darker color.

After 20 minutes or so, I began feeling extremely relaxed. I wasn’t drowsy though..just relaxed.

I slept 10 hours guys! And I woke up with a peaceful zen feeling. The super calm feeling actually continued to last throughout the entire next day. I felt restored and way less anxious. Honestly, I was shocked at how peaceful I felt.

I plan on using this over the next month and to use right after my hot yoga Yin and sound bath classes for the ultimate sound sleep. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?!


I give this product 5 stars and can’t wait to try their other products. Next on my list is the Beauty Dust – because who doesn’t want to glow from within?!

Dream Dust 1.5 oz. $30

Sweet dreams Xx,