Discovering San Fran

Hi lovelies!

I had an amazing weekend in SF and found it to be so much more than I had imagined. I guess I had this vision in my head of it being similar to my hometown, Seattle. While the weather reminded me of Seattle – cool and overcast, the city itself felt like I was transported to another country. It was eclectic and diverse, and the buzz of the city was an energy I fed off!

Being ultra touristy at the Cable Cars ^^


Union Square shopping


How beautiful is this mural in Chinatown?! Gorge!


Stopping to consult a higher power on the streets of Chinatown.


I love murals, and food.. combine the two and you have a winning combo in my book! We stopped by Media Noche for some amazing cuban empanadas. And snagged a pic of these flamingos. How cute right?


The sun came out in time for our Painted Ladies visit! We sipped rose and sang the full house theme song. Perfection!


A beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This trip was perfect, and I am already planning to head back soon.

I left my ❤ in San Francisco *sigh




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